Creating Your Free Offer

Let’s talk about your free offer and delivering your freebie.

This is what you’re going to promise someone in exchange for their email address.

This is something that you can give away for free but is packed with enough information that someone would happily pay for it.

Does that mean it has to be worth $100, $50 or even $20?

No- it could be a very short PDF document.

I’ve seen free gifts that were just 1-3 pages long, but contained more valuable information than $97 video courses.

It just depends on how targeted, clear and usable the gift is.

So for example, let’s say you’re in the Internet marketing niche.

Your free gift may be a short video on how to use a free template to make a squeeze page.

Another example is a list of highly-converting subject lines someone can use in their autoresponder.

Again, this should be something that can be digested quickly, is easy for you to create, and provides a helpful service or information to the new subscriber.

Just remember that what you promise on your squeeze page matches what the gift actually does!

So if you have a 3 page report on productivity, don’t claim that it offers more information than the 10 greatest productivity books ever written.

Or if it’s a piece of software, don’t claim that with one push of a button the person will make millions.

To create a report or ebook you can give away, use something like Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Open Office to type it out.

Make sure that it looks nice, is straight to the point, and has your name and website on it.

When you’re done you should convert it into PDF format.

This not only helps protect the formatting and your content, but it also makes it easier for your subscriber to open and read.

If you’re going to create videos instead of a report you can use software like CamStudio, which is free and allows you to take a video of what you’re doing on your screen.

The great thing about this is you can also record yourself talking and explaining the tips on the slideshow or program you’re using.

Then you can save what you recorded as a video, upload it to YouTube as a private video, and then send the link to your new subscribers.

Everyone has different skill sets.

You may be very good at creating online videos.

Perhaps you can write persuasive copy.

Maybe you have a gift for explaining intricate processes in very simple terms.

Whatever your particular skills, choose from the following list of top types of opt-in bribes.

1 – List of resources

2 – Video course

3 – Webinar

4 – Checklist

5 – Actionable blueprint

6 – Special report

7 – Interview

8 – White paper

9 – Tele-seminar

10 – Downloadable MP3 file

11 – Email course

12 – E-book

13 – One-on-one coaching session

14 – Free consultation or audit

15 – Cheat sheet

16 – Template

17 – Plug-in

18 – Free software

19 – A physical product

20 – An important case study

Don’t kill yourself here.

Also, don’t take a lot of time.

You already know important, valuable, problem-solving information that your market is dying to hear.

If not, I will discuss a couple of solutions for that in the next 2 lessons.

Open up a Word or Open Office document and write down a list of Top 25 Resources that make the life of someone in your target audience easier.

You can always change and tweak things later, but the most important thing is to just get moving.

After all, you can’t “tweak” something that doesn’t even exist, right?


Delivering Your Freebie

This is where your autoresponder software comes in. You will use your autoresponder service to create a Thank You email. In this email, you include a link where your subscriber can go to consume or download their opt-in gift.

Where do you put your bribe?

You build a specific page on your website for it.

If you are using WordPress you can “hide” pages and posts.

Place your template, checklist, cheat sheet, video or other opt-in bribe on a dedicated page on your website.

Then you check the option for hiding that content from search engines.

This keeps people from being able to download your freebie without joining your email list.

Grab the URL where your opt-in bribe is located.

Head over to your autoresponder.

Create an email that thanks your customer for joining your newsletter or list.image006

In that email, tell them how frequently you will be contacting them, and what they can expect.

Include the URL link to your opt-in freebie.

This Thank You email is the first in your autoresponder series.

Make sure you include links back to your opt-in form or landing page and ask your new subscriber to share on social media.

This can turn 1 new subscriber into 2 or 5 or 10 quickly.

You should create several more follow-up emails that go out every 2 or 3 days, or at least once a week.

This is where you begin delivering even more value, offering a value-rich, problem-solving promotion or sale every 3 or 4 emails.

You can also send out broadcast emails whenever you have something important to tell your list.