Email Challenge – Day 1

Build a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and Get More Results

In the world of online marketing, many marketers are focused on things that provide them immediate gratification.

They are fired up when they post something to Facebook and then people click the like button. They’re thrilled when they make a blog post and someone tweets it to their Twitter friends.

But here’s the problem, those types of activities aren’t direct business builders.

Sure, someone might visit your website as a result, hopefully sign up to your list and then eventually buy something, so these activities shouldn’t be discounted, but when you focus on building, nurturing and profiting from your email list, you are DIRECTLY growing your business.

The problem is, people often give up on email because they don’t receive the immediate gratification they’re looking for.

It takes time and effort to build your subscriber list and to develop a relationship where they’ll trust you to buy.

But do you want to know something?

It’s worth it.

If you put 100% effort into the daily challenges laid out in this challenge for you, you WILL see a difference in your list size and results.

How This Challenge Works

It will consist of a series of challenges and tasks to help you grow your subscriber list and to ensure that you’re utilizing your list to maximum benefit. Each day, you’ll be given a specific challenge that will include 2 tasks that will include:

  • The creation of 1 email message
  • 1 list building activity

This doesn’t mean you’ll be emailing your list every day (unless that is the schedule you like to keep and have a good reason for doing so), but you will be getting into the practice of creating emails that you can broadcast, add to your autoresponder or schedule for a later date.

Just schedule your completed tasks to your autoresponder accordingly.

What You Can Expect to Get Out of the Challenge

At the end of this challenge, as long as you complete all your assignments, you will have:

  • Emails to use for your email marketing (the first day of the challenge will be spent planning email topics, so no writing that day).
  • A growing list and the ability to continue to build it, using the tools and methods shared in the challenge.
  • The ability to sell more products and drive more traffic, using email.

Let’s Get Started

Now that we’ve got those details out of the way, it’s time to get started.

You are encouraged to go at your own pace, but do try to complete at least one day’s challenge each day.

You can also take weekends off if that’s your usual practice.

Never sacrifice your family or personal life, no matter how much you want to grow your business. A successful business is NOTHING without those things.

Day 1: Planning & Freebie

Today is a planning day and I’d like you to start planning the topics for your emails you will write during the challenge.

While many of people may plan their email topics as they prepare to write them, I want to encourage you to plan ahead for a few reasons:

  • You’ll get more done, more quickly. If you already have your topics planned, writing them up is much easier.
  • You can shape your email marketing around the products you want to sell. Instead of throwing in a promotion here and there, your list will be warmed up before you even mention a product and that means way better conversions.

If you plan to get help with your email writing, it’s easy to assign tasks to writers, pick up the PLR you need, etc.


Part 1: Email Writing – Start Brainstorming

Instead of starting with brainstorming topics, I’d like you to focus on the PRODUCTS you’d like to be selling in the next few weeks first.

If we know what we want to sell, it’s much easier and effective to come up with topics after.

  • Make a list of products (or if it’s just 1 product, that’s totally fine too) that you plan to promote with the emails you create in the coming days. Make sure these are products your target market needs to solve their problems and fulfill their greatest desires.
  • Make a list of topics that the ideal customer of those products would be interested in. Think of topics that are not just related, but will compel them to buy. Think of how-tos that make use of the product, case studies, reviews, etc. Connecting your content to show the need and benefits of a product will make it much easier to sell.

Types of Emails You Might Write

As you brainstorm, keep in mind the types of emails you might write. Some idea starters:

  • Autoresponder Messages: Scheduled emails that go out to subscribers at certain intervals.
  • Ecourse: A specified series of emails on a certain topic.
  • Promotions: Emails designed to promote a product/offer.
  • Follow-up: Emails that follow-up on a product/offer promotion.
  • Reviews & Case Studies: Informative emails that give subscribers valuable information about a product.
  • Content Announcements: Sharing a video, blog post, article, podcast, etc.
  • Relationship Builders: Emails that ask for your readers input, offer a no-strings attached gift, etc.


Types of Subscribers You Might Have

While you may want to focus on your main newsletter list for this challenge, I want to encourage you to also think about the different types of lists and subscribers you have available to your online businesses.

Some of those are:

  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Ecourse subscribers
  • Lists built around a freebie offer
  • Customers – People who have already given us their hard-earned money are an extremely valuable asset.

So now that you have a bunch of options when it comes to the types of emails and the types of lists you can have, you should have no problem coming up with tasks to do during your 30-day challenge.

Of course, as you’re just getting started, keep it simple and work on one list type at a time.

Still not sure what to write about?

As you’re new to email marketing, this can seem overwhelming. Just do your best with the brainstorming and follow through each day of the challenge.

Make sure to review the list of 46 interesting things to send your mailing list for inspiration.