Email Challenge – Day 2

Welcome Message & Finish Your Freebie

I will be covering a lot over length of this challenge and I know it can be overwhelming. The key is to do as much as you can during this challenge because anything you can do to grow your list and improve your email marketing is going to have lasting benefits for you.

While I encourage you to stay on schedule, if everything takes you a little longer than you hoped, the sky is not going to fall.

I promise.

And please, feel free to take weekends or usual days off.

Or if you prefer to motor through, go ahead and push yourself.

So with that in mind, let’s keep pushing forward with today’s tasks/challenges…

These daily challenges are guidelines and are designed to help those of you who may need a little extra direction on what to do.

As long as you are working on 1 email and 1 list-building activity each day, that’s all the challenge is really about.

But please read through each day’s suggestions because you never know what gems you might find.


The Welcome Email

If you’re creating a new list, you can start by writing a welcome email. Or perhaps, you can tweak a welcome email you already have.

Of course, if you’ve got all this covered, you can write an email about anything from the plan you made yesterday.

What to Include in a Welcome Email

Obviously, what you include will depend on your publication, but some things you can incorporate are:

  • Thank them, once again, for signing up.
  • Remind them what their subscription includes.
  • Make a special offer or give a special subscriber’s only discount.
  • If you’re writing an autoresponder (a pre-scheduled series of emails), tell them what they can expect in the next email.

It’s as simple as that!

Your Freebie

If you haven’t quite finished creating your freebie, here are some tips to get it finished up quickly.

  • Use quality PLR as the base for your freebie. Add your branding, your own voice and promotions and you’re ready to go. Try All Private Label Content or PLR Mini Mart for a variety of topics.
  • Create a Q&A audio recording for a quick high-value free product. Ask a colleague to ask you a series of questions, record it and load it up to your server.
  • Write a quick script and take a video. Figure out your talking points, turn on the camera and load it up.

While you want to create a freebie with big value, it’s not something that has to take up a huge amount of time.The key is to provide something useful that establishes your credibility and warms up your prospect to purchasing your product or affiliate product.