How Do I Turn My Leads Into Responsive Buyers?

The Three Most Important Things:


In order to be successful with your list, one of the first things you need to do is gain the trust of your customers.

There are tons of services that have been set up to keep email boxes spam free.

This means that you need to set up your list so that your customers are willing to allow your email promotions to come directly to their inbox.

At the same time, they are going to expect to receive emails on what your website is about.

They are going to want to receive new information and updates on the products or services that they are interested in and it is up to you to hold up that end of the deal.

When your customers trust you, they will be willing to buy from you and your sales will see a boost.

Because you are providing a useful service, people will be more than willing to allow your email promotions to come through to their inbox.

In building relationships it is important to inject confidence with your subscribers:

  • Create confidence in the viewer’s eyes by supplying them with your credentials, letting them know your background, and what I feel is most important, thru your heartfelt story.
  • Go in depth on who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Be sincere in your message. Most of your subscribers will be able to see right thru anything that is less than complete sincerity on your part.

You want your list to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, TRUST YOU.

The one thing I want you to take away with you right now is…

You can’t build a relationship with a list. 

A list is built of individuals who opt-in to your list.

Relationships are with those individuals….

Relationships are for people.


  • Over-deliver

It is said that people come to the Internet for one of two things – information and to shop.

If you can provide both, then you are going to have a very useful site!

Invest your time and money in providing excellent service, products and information.  If you do this, then people are going to be interested in learning more about you and sign up on your list.

Not only giving them what they came looking for but going the extra mile and delivering more than they could have ever expected out of you.

It is delivering the surprise element to those that signed up to your already high valued content.

You take them to the point that they can’t imagine it can get any better and then you deliver exactly that.

You deliver what they could not even imagine you delivering.

It is called the,  “WOW EFFECT!”

Make sure that you always give value to your subscribers. Over-deliver at every opportunity.

One of the “discovery factors” is surprise.

Let the customer discover some of the value you are offering.

Don’t just give them everything all at once. 

Let them discover that you are more than they could have ever expected. 

Surprise them with more value than they even knew they were going to get from you.

Deliver more than your customers expect.

Generally, you simply need to provide great service and/or products to your customers.

But to give you another edge to win, you need to deliver more than your customers expect.

  • Stay in contact

Once you have someone on your list you need to do whatever you can to staying touch with them to keep your business fresh in their mind and allow you the opportunity to offer them additional products and services for another revenue stream.

Maintain a lot of real customer contact on a regular basis. 

With autoresponders and other tools to automate online businesses, this has never been easier.

Try setting up a good teleseminar or webinar and offer some good useful content that will help solve a problem that your customer is having.

Good non-promotional emails offering good relevant free tips to help them solve their problems.

Once again I will drive home the point that you need to have consistency.  Have a regular, consistent schedule that gets people expecting your email.

Now it is going to be important for you to know what your target audience is used to already. 

In the Internet Marketing, make money online niche it will be vitally important for you to be aggressive in staying in touch and keeping your name or brand in front of your audience.

In other Niches you will find that if you are too aggressive you will turn off your audience due to them receiving more emails than they may be normally used to receiving.

You will have to research your Niche to find out what seems to be acceptable to your target audience.

A great way to go about doing this is to get on the list of others in your Niche and begin to document the practices of the list owners.

Most will have successfully accomplished the task of figuring out what is acceptable to their own lists.

If you do not keep in contact you will be forgotten very quickly.

Think about your own experience when going into your own email.

Do you look for those that regularly keep in contact and continually provide value to you?

What happens if you are used to seeing emails from someone and all of the sudden they stop?

You may wonder what is up for a time, but do you start hounding the person to start sending emails again?

Usually not, you just move on to the next.

If you are don’t stay in contact you will not have to even wonder if the competition is going to.

Trust me they will have no problem keeping in contact with those you desert.

Double Opt-In List

This is a clean list of targeted email addresses of people who are really interested in receiving the emails from you.

You want your list to be built up of people who are interested in your offers.  Make sure you have their consent beforehand.

This is not really anything complicated at all but something I feel is very important to your list building success.

It is nothing more than the visitor opts in to your squeeze page for your offer.

The visitor is sent an email verification requiring them to confirm they indeed want to receive emails from you.

It is permission based marketing.  You are given permission to send further emails.

The subscriber will receive an email in their inbox similar to the example below.

Response Required

Subject: Response required, confirm your request for information from {!listname}.


Building an email marketing list is going to be one of the single most important aspect of your online business.

Your market must Know you, Trust you, Like You.

Always test and track your results!

The trick here is to test to find what works best, stop what doesn’t work, and improve what works to increase conversions.