Increasing Your Subscriber Optin Rate

Having a list of potential buyers or existing customers means you’ve got people to market to who are interested in your affiliate product recommendations, or your own products.

The problem is how to increase your optins so you have a lot more of those interested people.

Obviously you need to get more traffic, but you also need to pay attention to your offer and how you extend the offer.

Research shows the more personal information you ask for on the form, the less likely you will be to capture that lead.


People are in a hurry and don’t want to spend the time jumping through hoops. They’re also leery of giving too many personal details online to someone they don’t know.

For a long time the custom was to ask for their name and email address. But after extensive testing, we are now advised to ask only for a person’s email address.

I recommend you test it both ways to see which way works better for you.

Make the process easy.

Since we usually use double optins to comply with the CAN-SPAM act, it means people have to click the link in the very next email they get from you.

Let them know it’s coming and don’t confuse the process by asking them to go in different directions before they’ve clicked that all-important confirmation link.

Make your offer something they really really want.

Treat your optin squeeze page as important as a sales page.

You have to sell a person on why they should give you their email address.

Again, they have to really think it could help them and is worth it.

Always give the benefits – the What’s In It For Me – information so they can’t resist.

Don’t forget the visual.

If it’s an ebook or report you’re giving away, include an image of the ebook or report.

While it is important to get traffic to your offer, you also need to give your utmost attention to what you’re offering and how you present it.

Give them something that they desire, that will help them, and make it an easy process where they don’t have to give too much information or jump through several hoops just to optin.

9 Ideas For List Building Freebies

1 – Make a simple PDF. OpenOffice, Word and most other popular spreadsheet software programs have a “save as PDF” option. This makes turning any text-based resource into an opt-in bribe quickly and easily.

2 – Use Jing, Screenr or Screencast-O-Matic to record video screen-shots. Videos enjoy a much higher perceived value than text-based opt-in gifts.

3 – Record an MP3 file. The growth of podcasts means more and more people are listening to content rather than reading or viewing it.

4 – Create a buyer’s guide, walking someone through every step of a particular buying or shopping process.

5 – Create a short 5 or 7 day problem-solving course to be delivered by email.

6 – Purchase PLR products. Text-based, video and audio content and products with public label rights (PLR) can be purchased inexpensively on PLR websites. This removes the product creation process, as the content is created for you.

7 – Checklists are simple to create, and people absolutely love them.

8 – Create a video review of a product or service. Show yourself actually benefiting from or using the product. Include your affiliate link, and your new list member might just become your newest customer as well.

9 – Interview an expert or guru in your field. Expert interviews make excellent opt-in bribes.