Using PLR For Your Freebie (And Blog Content?)

When it comes to private label content, your options are virtually unlimited and it can become overwhelming when you’re searching for the best content and material possible.

Plus, if you aren’t quite sure HOW to use private label content, you’ll wind up with a hard drive stuffed with a ton of content that you really don’t need (and will never end up using).

You’ve heard the term “information overload” and it usually applies to newcomers who are caught up with an abundance of material and training only to struggle to piece it all together.

They chase after every opportunity that lands on their lap and because they’re never focused on one solid plan of action, they discover far too late, that they’ve wasted a tremendous amount of time and money.

When it comes to purchasing PLR for your business, you can end up in a very similar situation if you’re not careful to purchase only what you need and only what you’ll use immediately or, at least, in the very near future. 

This might sound like common sense, but once you begin your journey into the vast world of PLR content, you’ll find yourself absorbed in the exciting opportunity to grab a massive amount of content and resources that you “might” use later on.

That’s not what I want you to do.

Instead, I want you to purchase only what you will need and have a plan for in the immediate future.

The only exception is if you stumble across an amazing deal that is only available for a very limited time.  Otherwise, we are going to focus on purchasing only PLR in which we can begin monetizing right away.


Having said that, if you intend to market in the Internet Marketing niche, then here’s a deal I have for you:


There are more than 144 packages in the membership area and each includes the following:

Quality, 10-30 Page Report/ Fully researched & edited
Pro eCover Design + PSDs (licensed images)
Squeeze Page with Graphics & Copy
7 Part Follow Up Email Series
Extensive Keyword & Affiliate Research

You may be thinking that there are far more packages than you will need.

You could use the reports (modified of not) for blog articles, emails etc.

“You Can Modify the Product Anyway You See Fit To Add/Remove Content or Make It a Brand New Unique Product, Break It Up Into Articles, Email or Online Course Lessons.”

You could easily use the reports as bonuses for affiliate products you recommend to your subscribers. There are reports on just about every subject related to Internet Marketing you can think of.

“You Can Give Away The Product (NOT The Source Code Files) To Your Subscribers, Members or Customers as a Bonus or Gift.”

As well as for optin freebies.



Or you can try these two top quality PLR providers: All Private Label Content or PLR Mini Mart for a variety of topics.
So, how are we going to turn private label content into cold, hard cash?

 Let’s take a look at the top ways to profit from PLR!

Content For Traffic:  More Traffic = More Money

We all know that the more traffic we have, the more money we’re likely to make.

So, how are you going to maximize your traffic volume so you can skyrocket your income?

You’re going to convert content into cash!

Private label content is incredibly valuable when it comes to building websites that offer ‘sticky content’.

Sticky content is information, tools and resources that will keep your visitor’s coming back to your site time and time again, and when they do, you maximize the chances that you’ll turn these visitors into repeat customers!

There are many ways in which you can use private label content to fuel your blogs and websites, including by re-purposing article content into feature stories for your website or blog posts.

There are many different ways to monetizing WordPress based blogs with private label content.

You could transform PLR material into dynamic audio recordings and offer it for free, or as a paid product on your website. 

Your audio recordings can be turned into full-length podcasts and offered as a bonus for your main product, or as part of a free gift for subscribing to your mailing list.

You can also upload your podcasts to iTunes to drive in even more traffic from your content for free!

You should also exploit the popularity of video content by using private label content as the script or foundation for your video campaigns. 

Video campaigns tend to convert very well, as they transform static websites into dynamic, action-driven presentations that push through your message in a powerful and direct way.

You can use the power of videos to build a recognized brand, invoke emotions that trigger action, and solidify your website in the minds of potential buyers.

Create simple video presentations from existing PLR content (you can even find PLR videos that can be easily edited to include your website’s URL) and upload it to high traffic video community sites like

Short videos help keep the attention of your viewers and will engage your audience in a powerful way.

Just keep your videos short (3-5 minutes is long enough) and provide a direct link back to your website. 

You could also use “teaser videos” wherein you offer a part of the video on sites like but in order for your viewer to download or view the full-length video, they have to visit your website and subscribe to your mailing list, or complete an offer (a great way to monetize with CPA network offers).

Video marketing gives you the unique opportunity to really communicate with your audience.

The software I use for video marketing:

Explaindio Video Maker (Whiteborad & Explainer Videos)

ScreencastOMatic (Free – optional upgrade)