What Type Of Email Marketer Are You?

Making money from your list building efforts is great, but I have a problem with people who only build lists to milk other people out of their money.

These are the people with their ethics all out of balance.

There has to be a balance between seeking gold and doing good.

Well there doesn’t have to be – but there should be. Without the goal of doing good with your list, then you’ll never enjoy the same kind of success that top marketers who build longevity with their reputation enjoy.

That’s key right there.

There are tons of fly by night marketers who build up a quick list and suck it dry knowing people are going to jump ship right and left.

So let’s talk about good versus gold.

You don’t have to pick a favorite – you can have both!

How Can Your List Be Good for Your Subscribers?

Some mentors in the business teach people to come to the table with a “How may I serve” attitude.

When you start to think about list building, consider the different ways you can help people.

Caring about your prospective subscribers can help you generate better email messages and enjoy a higher conversion rate.

You need to present yourself as a trustworthy individual if you want to see sales, and words aren’t enough – you have to prove it.

No list should ever be built on spammy sales messages alone.

We’ll be covering exact ways to email your list but right now I just want you to think of the overall vision you have for how your subscribers will think of you.

You can be:

  • The person who delivers news
  • The person who reviews products for them
  • The person who always has a good tip to share
  • The person who always has motivating insight at just the right time
  • The person who leads them in new strategies/techniques – a trendsetter

And of course you can be a combination of these traits.

You may be wondering how this works – is it just for Internet Marketing niches?


Let’s take a niche like dog food. It’s built on a fairly broad niche, but the addition of “food” to the keyword narrows it down a bit.

Her is an example.

Let’s take each bullet point above and expand on it for this niche and how you can become the go to person your followers want to subscribe to:

  • The person who delivers details about dog food scares that are in the news.
  • The person who reviews products for them, such as whenever a new brand is being sold or an old brand updates a product’s new ingredient.
  • The person who always has a good tip to share, like “how to get your dog to try new food.”
  • The person who always has motivating insight at just the right time, such as “how to nourish your dog with healthy food whenever it’s sick.”
  • The person who leads them in new strategies/techniques – a trendsetter – for example, you might release your own natural dog food guide and sell it!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re in parenting, Forex trading, marketing, pets, or weight loss – your connection to this individual might be the only one they have with someone.

Maybe they can’t talk to family or friends about it, so they reach out to you.

You don’t want to disappoint them by being a person who pursues them relentlessly until they hand over the cash for a purchase!

You want a long lasting relationship where you can help them and they come to you with trust in your recommendations.

List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game

If you were under the impression that you needed a large list in order to make money, you would be wrong.

There are plenty of marketers who have over 100,000 people on their lists and they don’t convert nearly as well as some others who have just 5,000.

The key is in gaining trust and cultivating a list of loyal subscribers.

Once you have people who trust you – who open every email you send out – then you begin to see conversions that beat out high volume lists with no connection to their audience.

List Numbers Will Rise and Fall

Don’t get hung up on checking your subscriber numbers every day.

You might have 9,000 people on your list one day and 8,956 the next day.

People come and go for a variety of reasons.

Some people just want to opt in to get the freebie.

Others want to subscribe to see what your list is all about but simply decide it’s not right for them (don’t take it personally).

Some want to be on your list but their email bounces several times so the email autoresponder system kicks them off.

If you’re constantly glued to the computer screen, you’re going to be wasting time that could be spent accruing more valid subscribers.

Some Have Big Numbers That Don’t Matter

Do you know why many marketers have big lists?

It’s because they don’t care how they get those subscribers – and so many of the sign ups are not relevant.

They’re constantly trying to beef up their numbers – and there’s a reason for that.

If I’m a marketer who has a list of 100,000 subscribers, that wields a lot of power in inner marketing circles.

I can go out and secure some big Joint Ventures on that single stat.

The reason is those marketers often “pimp their list” out to others. It’s a form of subscriber abuse in my opinion, but it’s unfortunately common, too.

They promote anything that another marketer asks them to – regardless of whether it’s beneficial to their subscribers.

When they have a product ready to launch, they contact a group of other top marketers with big lists – and tout the size of their list as a reciprocal enticement to promote them.

You don’t need to engage in back scratching.

Your list may grow slower than these people, but it will convert higher (think 35% instead of 3% – with almost no refunds, compared to their astronomical rate).

Now it is a good idea to do a list swap with another marketer under these conditions:

  • Their product is relevant to the topic your subscribers signed up for
  • It’s priced right. Don’t promote a $5,000 course to a list made up of shoestring-budget newbies.
  • You get something in return. Your benefit could be: monetary commission, a swap to help build your list, or even personal satisfaction of just recommending something to your followers that you know will help them!

Subscribers talk, believe it or not. There have been many marketers who have fallen out of favor with the public.

Have you heard of at least one marketer who put out a stellar product – something maybe you yourself bought and LOVED – only to be hit by recurring spam promotions on a day-in-day-out basis?

You may have opted out quickly – and that marketer lost his ability to recommend future products as an affiliate, or even his own stellar creations.

What a waste!